Resonance Academic Council

  • R.K. Verma (RKV Sir)

    Managing Director, Head-Academics & Senior Faculty (Physics)
    Qualification: B.Tech. (IIT-Madras, 1994) | Work Exp.: 21+ Years | Founder of Resonance.

    He is the quintessential force behind Resonance and the captain of the ship. Before founding Resonance, he worked with one of the leading coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota as Head, Department of Physics from 1995 to 2001. He is an inspiring leader with the heart of a teacher and mind of a trailblazer. In his career, he has seen more than 28,000+ IIT- JEE (JEE-Advanced) selections including numerous toppers. His own success story of becoming a strong pillar of coaching industry after coming from a humble background makes him best motivator and counsellor for the students aspiring for success in competitive examinations and life thereafter across country.

  • Lokesh Khandelwal (LK Sir)

    Deputy Managing Director & Senior Faculty (Mathematics)
    Qualification: B.Tech. (IIT-Kanpur, 1994) | Work Exp.: 19+ Years | Co-founder of Resonance

    After graduating from IIT-Kanpur, he worked a few years for Infosys Technologies and ABB Ltd. Before switching to the Education sector and working with some of the leading IIT-JEE coaching institutes at Kota and Delhi. Since the inception of Resonance, he has patronized the Department of Mathematics and is regarded in high esteem by students for his sharp explanatory and analytical skills.

  • Asheesh Sharma (AS Sir)

    Chief Executive Officer & Senior Faculty (Physics)
    Qualification: B.Tech. (IIT-Kanpur, 2002) | Work Exp.: 14.5 Years | With Resonance: Since 2002

    He started his career by teaching Physics at Resonance, immediately after completing his B.Tech. from IIT-Kanpur. His managerial acumen and an astute sense of strategy has helped Resonance in spreading its study centres and today, he plays a key role in taking both academic and non-academic decisions.

  • Shishir Mittal (SM Sir)

    Executive President (Academic Training and Development)& Head of Department (Chemistry)
    Qualification: B.Tech. (IIT-Bombay, 1998) | Work Exp.: 18+ Years | With Resonance: Since 2011

    Renowned visionary, educationist and the best known professor of Chemistry for IIT-JEE preparation in India, Shishir Mittal has been one of the key persons behind Kota's rise to national fame in the coaching industry. During his fifteen years of Chemistry teaching at Kota, most of the teaching trends and methodologies in Kota have emerged from his very original approach towards the subject.

  • Ayush Goyal (AGL Sir)

    Vice President (Academic Planning & Performance) & Head of Department (Mathematics)
    Qualification: B.Tech.(IIT-Madras, 2003)|MS (Purdue University, USA, 2006) Work Exp.: 13.5 Years | With Resonance: Since 2006

    Mr. Ayush Goyal is known and respected amongst the student as well as faculty fraternities for his prowess in the subject. He regularly inspires students to overcome their mental blocks towards Mathematics and simplifies the subject to an extent that it often becomes the student's favourite subject.

  • Chandra Shekhar Sharma (CSS Sir)

    Vice President (Student Welfare- Foundation) & Head of Department (Physics)
    Qualification: B.Tech. (IIT-Bombay, 2003) EPGEM (IIM-Kolkata) Work Exp.: 13.5 Years | With Resonance: Since 2005

    He started his career as an Assistant Manager at Atul Chemical Ltd., Gujarat. Known among students for his grit and unique style of teaching, Chandra Shekhar Sharma is a motivator and man behind many success stories. He always keeps his lectures very lively and after attending just the first session, any student can feel the difference of his teaching uniqueness.

STree Education MANAGEMENT


    Graduate in Business, Post Graduate in Social Works with distinction, MBA from UK, awarded PHD for his extensive research work in HR strategy. Principal HR and Management consultant based in UAE , who is the CEO of the STREE Training Center. He is known for developing and mentoring local UAE Nationals to take up senior management roles. He leads the team of Faculty members, deputed from Resonance, Kota.


    Expert in Chemistry, holding MSC, Mphil in Chemistry, having 12 years teaching experience for CBSE / ICSE and IGCSE & IB students . He is an academic advisor for STREE Training Center.